The MMQB with Peter King

We redesigned The MMQB website to offer a more user-friendly and content-rich home page, creating a more interactive and engaging experience for users.

Launch Site

For this project, we enhanced the content presentation and improved placement of video, assisted by a clearer and easier navigation design. We made sure to be liberal with our use of white space because, with daily updates, the site needed to be clean and open with an ability to push posts at a moment’s notice. We additionally wanted to make sure to follow the aesthetic of the rest of the Sports Illustrated brand. During this process, we also migrated the site CMS from WordPress to Drupal, allowing us more engineering resources to build and support the site.

Art Director: Alicia Hallett
Product Manager: Mike Phillips

Designer: Erica Cotten
Front End Developer: Louis Gubitosi

Company: Sports Illustrated